Cosmetic Orthodontist In Birmingham

Removable Brace
Removable and cosmetic orthodontics is important tool for the aesthetic dentist and in recent years, its popularity has returned with a vengeance. It provides patients who would normally opt out of orthodontic procedures on the grounds of lengthy treatment time, compromised aesthetics and cost, a real alternative to ordinary fixed braces.

A study from Sweden indicates a number of cost-benefit advantages to treating patients with removable appliances in general dental practices, rather than through fixed appliances at specialist orthodontists. Treating some malocclusions with removable braces in general dental practice could be the more cost-effective choice.

Invisible brace
These braces are clear so only you need know you are wearing them. They provide comfort and hygiene far better to the traditional metal braces and the results are simply astonishing. You will even be able to see the potential result before you start. Once you begin wearing the brace your teeth will dramatically and beautifully align into a smoother, straighter smile.

A cosmetic orthodontist today should also be an ethical dentist so helping patients to achieve a more beautiful smile by simple anterior orthodontics, (rather than by invasive preparations for porcelain work), it is not only possible, it is the right thing to do.

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Cosmetic Orthodontist In Birmingham