Bleaching teeth

These instructions reinforce your verbal instructions and surgery demonstration.

6 nights treatment is recommended for tooth whitening.

Always store bleach in fridge, as it is deactivated above 8* c.

1. Before applying bleach, check the trays fit in your mouth.
2. Dry trays thoroughly.
3. Put application tip onto a syringe of bleach.
4. Squeeze a very small drop of bleach gel, the size of an apple seed, into the tooth spaces as shown by your dentist. Keep the gel on the inside face (marked by a black dot).
5. Dry your mouth by swallowing. Then take two sharp intakes of breath to dry your teeth.
6. Insert plastic tray with bleach into mouth ready for sleeping. If excess bleach squeezes out onto your gum wipe with your finger. ¼ syringe will be enough for one bleaching tray. Put unused bleach back into fridge.
7. In the morning, remove trays from mouth and rinse in tepid water and dry with towel.
8. Brush teeth as normal.
9. Repeat procedure before bedtime.

During bleaching some sensitivity to hot and cold is not uncommon. If necessary, miss out one night. Using sensodyne tooth paste will reduce this side- effect. The sensitivity will disappear soon afterwards treatment is completed.